Tuesday, September 02, 2008


new plaster
second coat

roof green
new porch roof

chris drew michel bambi
chris, drew, michel, bambi

michel up in the clerostory




Daisy says:

Hello Destinettes,

I'm just back to NYC after laboring at Destiny for Labor Day. We had quite a crew! Bambi kept the list; I doubt I'll make a complete one here. Forgive me if I left you out.

I arrived Saturday, early afternoon. I'd caught a train to Providence and rode to the Land with Joshua.

We dove right into the work in progress. Autumn and Dale added strawbales to the spaces above the windows in front. Jason was chomping on the bit to fire up the cement mixer Matt rented to start making some mud. Joshua, Jason, and I started mudding the damage spots on the back wall. Drew kept his naked self on the porch roof most of the weekend screwing in the clear roofing. (We have such a beautiful porch now. WOW!) There was a car load of kweens none of us knew from New York.

Matt and Michel worked on framing in the bathroom, dressing room, and kitchen walls. The entrance is going to look so majestic with the high wall of the bathroom up to the ceiling. Bambi assisted with carrying lumber and measuring and being a "butt clamp."

We mudders, including Karl Volk and Orange, completed the second coat of mud on the north wall, the south windows, the shower, and utility room.

Jade, his brother, Jeff, and his friend (Sarah?) came up on Saturday night and prepared a feast of local foods with Michel. We were a little tired from working, but had a little jam session by the fire joined by Damian and Michael Spears.

Chris Proctor joined us on Sunday. He and Drew, still naked, workd on the porch roof ends and were starting the overhang where the dining hall will one day stand. Bambi cooked up a great supper of jerk tofu with a miso gravy over mashed potatoes. Jason made lunch. Michel kept us in fresh bread. Man mowed the lower meadow and tended his realm by the brook.

We were too tired for music on Sunday evening so just relaxed and laughed our heads off by the fire.

Today Matt, Bambi, and Michel continued to frame up the clerestory so I can get back to stuffing in the strawbales and mudding next weekend.

The garden is a little dry since there hasn't been much rain. But what bounty!! There's tons of kale and collards. The pole beans are thriving and are meaty and delicious. There about 5 different kinds of squash, tons of basil, and a little lettuce. The pumpkins are the size of softballs. There hasn't been as much attention paid to mid-summer planting, but what good eating. I had green beans and cucumbers on the bus back to NYC.

That's a little (long) report of my weekend in Santuary. Ahhhh!!

Come help us get this sucker done for the fall. See Bambi's list of work events.

I'm planning to come up next weekend as well. Stay tuned to this Fae station.

Lovingly, Daisy Shaver