Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 building season begins

the readers are restless! funny you should ask about what's happening. we have been quietly cutting some rafters the last couple weekends and we'll be ramping up construction the weekend after next. it just so happened that june didn't work out very well as a construction month for many of us so we'll be starting during the governance gathering over july fourth.

we have a lot to do this summer, mostly finishing the kitchen building, but also starting to design the cabins, bathhouse and workshop, all permitted for construction on our little two-acre cleared plot amidst 165 acres of forest.

the kitchen survived one of the heaviest winters on record in vermont with aplomb (around 14 feet of snow!) we had a mysterious event wet some of the plaster on the north side of the building during a freeze/thaw period which caused the plaster to break so we'll have to re-do that. the straw behind the plaster is fine, however, and simply needs remudding.

stay tuned for more stories and photos.