Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Call to Board the Design Comet: Workshop Edition

Schematic of Workshop location

The Design Comet met in phone conference last week to discuss the Workshop plans. This blog will report back those plans. Feedback is encouraged. The Comet will come up with design proposals for the Workshop and present these back to the larger circle for feedback in meetings, gatherings, social meeting, and phone conference. The timeline of the project will soon be articulated. The Comet hopes to develop designs and implement a plan as soon as possible.

Summary: A 20x30 foot timber frame workshop with structural insulated panel shell and skylights is proposed. It would sit adjacent to the propane tank facing south on the corner at the top of the Septic Drive in Noisy Bottoms.  It would provide tool and machinery storage, work space for 2-3 faeries to timber frame,  with wall storage, shelves, perimeter counter space. Electric?

Join Doxie, Scobes, Feel Free, Matt Bucy, Ariel and Daisy

The  step-on to work exclusively on the Workshop Comet closes at the Annual Meeting April 14th. Please e-mail to board. Currently, Doxie, Scobes, Feel Free, Matt, Ariel, and Daisy are committing to work on the Comet until the Workshop is opened, hopefully by early to mid-summer. Conference calls typically happen every two weeks. All skills level welcome. 

SharkBait and Michelle working on the woodshed June 2016.  By Daisy Shaver

The Comet endeavors to work quickly and efficiently at organizing for this very utilitarian structure. The funding is in-hand through a generous Destiny faerie. The Comet recommends the previous model of organizing around design and building. The Comet will have a limited lifespan, limited work focus, and short timeline. If you have interest in the process, the design, the facilitation, please become involved with the Comet. There will be a community feedback period with a viewing and editing process built in. Once the design decisions are made and agreed upon, the Comet will “Top” the project and facilitate it to completion. As such, the design and feedback time will be discrete and clear. The actual building process will be facilitated by the Comet with built-in workshops for skills-building in timber frame technique. 

Step on ends April 14th.  E-mail


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