Friday, March 31, 2017

First Drafts of Workshop

This is the beginning of the Design Comet's workshop proposal to bring to the community. The Comet encourages faeries to watch the design process through this blog. As designs designs come forward, the Comet will seek feedback in face-to-face meetings, conference calls, and web events. The goal is to complete this structure as soon as possible, perhaps by Lammas. Timber framing workshops will be offered for faeries to learn and improve their skills to further prepare to build the dining hall. 

The workshop is a 20x30 foot space that will sit on the corner by the propane tank. This space is designed for tool and machinery storage (like in the Shit Shed and black tool box) and for 2-4 faeries to be able to timber frame indoors. There would be large garage-type doors on the gable end facing the road to facilitate loading timbers in and out. The interior will mostly be an open design with running counters and shelving throughout.

The timber frame shell will have 8-10 foot upright posts on the first floor. The height at the peak is 20 feet. The upper level would be for storage and include a "down-low" bedroom (to avoid permitting the building for residence). The building will be on a concrete slab with consideration for possible radiant heat in the floor or at minimum a wood-burning stove. A tiny deck could face Noisy Bottoms on the upper level.

The workshop will be winter-hardy with the working plan to use structurally insulated plywood (SIP) panels for the sheathing.  Since it is on a concrete slab, strawbale walls could be used for high insulation. But the inner walls would require sheathing in order to build shelving onto them. Hence, the decision is to go with SIP. 

Portions of the roof could utilize clear or opaque panels to increase light into the space. The long side of the building will face south in solar panels were to be installed on the roof. 

This is the rough layout currently being considered.
Step on to the Design Comet will close on April 15th during the Annual Meeting. Currently the Workshop portion of the Comet is Doxie, Ariel, Matt, Feel Free, Scobes, and Daisy. The Comet will be closed after step-on and decisions regarding the Workshop will stay centered with the Comet. If you want to join the Comet e-mail 

Please add feedback and ask questions here or through the Design Comet e-mail above. 


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