Friday, February 17, 2017

Destiny Receives $20,000 Development Donation

Great News!!! A generous Destiny faerie has donated $20,000 to the No Place Like Home development fund. This directed donation is requested by the donor for building the workshop. The workshop has been discussed for a few years on Land Use and the Design Comet. This article is a distillation of those previous discussions.

The location of the current white, plastic Shit Shed was the original placement for the workshop. With clearing trees in Noisy Bottoms, the focus has shifted in the development site. It makes sense to place the workshop directly on the road. Future plans include timberframing the dining hall and cabins. This space would importantly need to be on the road for ease of timber unloading. The current considered location is on the corner near the propane tank. The Shit Shed site will be the sauna. 

The workshop functions include a 20x30 insulated, wood-heated space for machinery and tool storage. It would have enough open space for at least two faeries to carve timbers. There will be a workbench. Given it is heated one could sleep in there.

The Circle opted to start work on the dining hall as a next project a few years ago. Funding for that project has yet to be secured. Fund-raising for the solar electric system, a cost of $34,000, took five years to achieve. Two years ago the business circle agreed to pursue a loan to commence the dining hall construction as soon as possible. Destiny’s monthly income through monthly electronic funds transfers (EFT) has decreased from $1,100 a month down to $500. At this time, that isn’t enough to secure monthly loan repayment. Work to secure financing for the dining hall will continue this summer. Ultimately, increasing the EFT payments back up to $1,000 monthly would allow for loan acquisition.

The Design Comet is reinvigorating now that the funding for the workshop is secured. Next, the Comet will begin meeting to discuss the design of the workshop, the type of design—timberframe vs. stickframe—and facilitation of the design process.

Previously consented, the Design Comet is “closed” after the step-on time. The Design Comet’s mission is to design the development site and its structures.  Comet proposals include methods of financing. Teams from the Comet operationalize the proposal to complete the project. It is requested you participate for two years. 

Step on for the Design Comet will occur at the Annual Meeting April 14-16. Daisy Shaver is facilitating the Comet at this time. If you are interested to step-on, facilitate the Comet, design the workshop, please e-mail  At the meeting the group listserve will be created.  


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