Sunday, March 23, 2014

Master Plan Discussions

The purpose of this post is to familiarize the Destiny Community with the concept of Master Planning.  It is hoped that a Master Plan for Faerie Camp Destiny will ultimately assist the community in reaching consensus with some long term goals and priorities for future improvements and buildings projects.

It has long been assumed that future improvements would occur within the circumference of the cleared area where the new kitchen is located.  The selective clearing of the post-agricultural forest has opened up wonderful vistas and now allows abundant sunlight and air circulation to refresh and rejuvenate the land and the life it supports. 

Aerial photo taken October 2012. Due north is at top of the page. Shadows indicate the time of day to be close to noon.

Two weekend workshops took place this winter in an effort to evaluate and clarify the direction of future improvements on the land at Destiny.  The basis of these discussions were recommendations made by Land Use Planet, the newly formed Design Comet, and input from broader Destiny Community which was voiced at the More Than Annual Meeting in December 2013.

Under discussion in no particular order are:

  • Solar power through photovoltaic array
  • Enclosed dining hall adjoining the kitchen to replace the current dining canopy
  • Workshop/storage building to facilitate future construction projects and provide shelter during the shoulder seasons
  • Housing for a number of year-round residents/stewards
  • Cabins for elder shelter during the gathering season
  • Bath house with sauna
  • Firewood storage shed
Following are several examples which hopefully demonstrate how the visual tools of a Master Plan "exercise" can be used to foster ideas, dialogue and understanding amongst members of the Destiny Community, to glean support from outside the community, and to ultimately seek funding and permitting necessary to the success of any such endeavor.  As of this writing it is a work in progress, an idea, an exercise that requires further study, community insights and support.

Scheme A above depicts possible locations for proposed improvements with focus on locating the Workshop.  It favors a close proximity to the proposed Dining Hall for the ease of moving building materials from the Workshop to the site of the Dining Hall while it is under construction.  This assumes that the method of construction for the Dining Hall would benefit from having an on-site, enclosed workspace.
Scheme B above orients the Workshop away from the Dining Hall, opening up the yard area behind the Kitchen and orienting the long side of the Workshop toward a more southerly exposure, without sacrificing much in the way of proximity to the Dining Hall construction site.

Scheme C above opens up even more space north of the Kitchen, moving the Workshop out the direct sight line of people walking or driving along the approach road, and still offering a more southerly exposure along the length of the building.


Blogger Daisy Shaver said...

Here's another notion to consider. What if you moved all buildings into Noisy Bottoms within the road instead of cutting the trees back to the stone fence?

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