Friday, March 28, 2014

Proposed Land & Garden Evolution


Existing conditions:


1) New Veg Garden is located in sunniest/warmest microclimate on the land.  Also below water catchment for easiest gravity feed irrigation.  & in Zone 1 of proposed winterized Cabins.

2) Existing Garden becomes more perennially focused -- medicinal herbs, berries, perennial vegs -- requiring less irrigation.

3) Workshop & Solar Array do not reflect our only placement options.  (See Master Plan map & Solar posts below).

4) Forest Garden/Terraces ought best be established with earth moving equipment -- minimizing up front labor & saving us years of labor down the line.

5) Pond is proposed -- & in a separate watershed than the septic. (See Water Catchment post below)


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These are great visuals.

10:26 PM EDT  
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