Tuesday, March 09, 2010

march 2010

FCD March 2010

from kitchen pan

here's a look at the camp in march 2010. the latest cutting has opened up a fantastic view to the valley. we always knew it was there but couldn't see it. the clearing helps bring sunlight to the garden and to the north west wall of the kitchen which will help keep the north wall dry.

the second photo is a panorama from where the future dining room is planned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure how to reach someone at FCD short of snail mail, so I thought I'd try here. I will be in Burlington for a week in late July but would like to spend a day or two before or after at FCD.

I wasn't sure if you were able to receive visitors, though -- especially in my case, since I'll be flying in and renting a car and will therefore not have my camping gear available to me.

Could you put me in touch with someone who could tell me by email/chat/phone what is possible in terms of visiting FCD this summer?


10:56 AM EDT  
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Anonymous jacob said...

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