Friday, November 14, 2008

Completed views Shower

The structure was complete 3 1/2 days !!  A lot of muddy foundation digging. Some scary moments pushing up the first truss. Overall a fun time.  We have many more pictures to share and will be putting them  up soon.  Im writing  from a motel in the Berkshires between our visit to Hancock Shaker village and Mass MOCA.  Chris


Anonymous Zen ya said...

Hey Chris - the photos are wonderful of the new shower & massage structures. Very unusual and fun shapes to play with - I love the notion of the woven stick/wood screen walls, and wonder what your thoughts are for roofing - will they have the clear stuff we used on the porch, or more solid shingle type? Lots to discuss and grow around - the structures themselves are really something else - thanks for showing how they evolved in your design process. I hope the students enjoyed themsleves and that it wasn't too cold & muddy (as it appears to have been from the pictures). Each step we take puts more flesh to our vision and this one's a surprise, but a good one!

12:56 PM EST  
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