Friday, December 18, 2009

winter greetings

summer 2009

december 2009

summer 2009

december 2009

the design blog has been asleep for quite a while, but the faeries at destiny have been wide awake and at work. we'll be reporting here on the progress at the kitchen, bathhouse, new buildings and on the forestry here over the winter, and will be bringing new design ideas for yet-to-be-consented buildings to you as they develop.

four pictures here show how the land has changed with the beginning of our forestry efforts. faerie camp destiny is largely conserved forest land managed with the help of two wonderful foresters, don and nina huffer. working with bambi, primarily, they have developed a plan to promote forest health, which not only benefits the forest but saves us a bundle in property tax, as the management of the forest is considered agriculture by the state. we also took advantage of having a logger on the land to complete the opening up of the development area, a roughly five-acre area in total (about 2.5 acres was opened up three years ago) in which we've agreed to contain all our development. the development area was consented at the 2005 annual meeting (i think) and is the basis of our state environmental permit. the remaining 160-acres of destiny will remain managed forest land. the opening has provided a fantastic view (we've known it was there for a long time), just about doubles the amount of sun the garden, kitchen, and meadow gets which will help keep our structures light and dry and ultimately assist in solar electric and hot water.


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