Friday, December 30, 2005

well well

the well head

snowy meadow

rye grass

plowed road!

december sun at 3:30pm

the well is drilled. this came as a surprise. we received a bill for a drilled well. so i went down to destiny a couple days ago to see what it looked like. here it is. a simple pipe with a blue cap. a three hour pump test produced an average 16 gallons per minute flow, which is acceptable for our purposes. we have water!

so just in the nick of time, we've accomplished our goals for 2005: clearing, grading and well drilling. the rye we seeded in october is doing well under snow cover. a picture shows how nice and green it is depsite the chilly environs. water was flowing copiously along the road trenches and down the hill during my visit and while it wasn't always visible the sound of water moving was everpresent. the chip pile was melted off and still warm inside. i dug in a few inches to warm my hands.

the walk up the drive was invigorating and pleasant, though the rain the night before had made is slippery. to my surprise the road was plowed. it must have been the well drillers that did that.

i got a chance to see where the sun sat at 3:30pm pretty close to solstice. you can see in the kitchen shot how low it is. for most of december i imagine there will be little direct sunlight hitting the new lodge.


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