Monday, November 21, 2005

milk paint

this is probably not news to many of you but you can make non-toxic paint from milk and lime. i've been researching non-toxic building supplies and came across some recipies for making one's own paint and delighted in its simplicity. the recipie: 1 part lime to 12 parts skim milk. mix with pigment of choice—berries, flowers, ground stone, earth, whatever. then go to it. it turns out that the chemical reaction between the lime and milk creates an extremely durable medium. it's recommended that milk paint be sealed with linseed oil to prevent water from damaging it, especially in kitchen areas.

with straw bale construction the final coat of plaster can be tinted avoiding having to paint at all, however it's recommended that the interior plaster be sealed to prevent moisture from permeating the wall and condensing in the straw.


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