Monday, November 21, 2005

time for full time

yestermorrow class

the fall has been busy for me with projects of all sorts—a film festival, a halloween parade and party, a timberframing course, web design, graphic design, building a yoga studio and finishing a new tenant's space plus all my usual work at my buildings. so, i haven't had a lot of time to put into destiny, but the timberframe course i took last week feels like it was a turning point and i am prepared now to work full time on the destiny project.

the land use planit will be having a teleconference early next week where we're going to discuss where we are and hopefully work out a schedule for the next year. with revelations that we could fabricate the timber frames for our buildings in advance over the winter i'm contemplating setting up a workshop in white river junction. i anticipate work weekends where we cut the frame, meaning sawing, chiseling, drilling and so forth. we have plenty of space to house faeries here at the mill. my hope would be to have most of the frame cut by spring so that once the foundation is in we can erect the frame and immediately begin work on straw-baling, which will probably take most of the summer to plaster.

this concept is still just an idea, but i'm putting it out there. several of you readers out there have emailed me with specific interests in learning timber framing and offers to help, which is fantastic! the value in producing this kind of construction is largely in its community-based nature and its ability to attract helpers. in so many ways the frame is a metaphor for community and the joinery a physical mirror of our interactions, bonds and relationships. on top of that, it's simply beautiful, even if done crudely.


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