Saturday, April 09, 2005


Here are some pictures of Appalachian Trail huts that my design assistant, Gordon James Boddington IV, dug up for me yesterday. Since almost all of them are in deeply remote locations they are made of mostly things that can be carried to difficult locations. They are also built for severe weather. I like the wood interiors and the simplicity of them. I noticed they use compact fluorescent lighting in industrial fixtures. Perhaps we can do something like that for our lighting. Solar panels are nicely integrated with the roofs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks so much for painstaking details. it's fascinating and i loved the tour.

i want to make it known that i have some gorgeously industrial casement windows from an old publishing factory on west 23rd street that was demolished 4 years ago. i thought i'd be able to use them in my apartment, but something else appeared in a dumpster and took their place. so i have metal and glass 8 windows in two different sizes that would look wonderful at destiny. i would love to get them up there, but could use a little help. perhaps i could coordinate with travellers to waltfest over memorial day weekend?

i just want to make sure they're wanted before logisticating. lemeno


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