Friday, April 08, 2005

Accidents & Unions

One of the things I really love about computers is their ability to generate delightful accidents quickly. As I've played with some of these models I've left two of the models "turned on" on occasion which generated a whole new building. The unions have a complexity that intrigues me, and some of them actually worked better in many respects they did singly. Gabriel pointed out that there's a nice metaphor here for gatherings where faeries of all stripes comingle producing a new entity during the gathering.

So, here's a basic pitched roof building...
...and here's a glass house.

Now glue them together and, viola, a nice screen porch wrapping the traditional building. Sure there are some wacky things that happen, but those can be worked with. The essential idea of intersection a rectangular screen porch with a slightly bent pitched roof building seems very pleasing to me and provides an essential need for the design: making a space for people to hang out when it's buggy.

Another view.


Blogger gokey3 said...

Matt - if we do use a green roof technology for the roof systems - can we use them on the flat roof in these drawings.

1:44 PM EDT  
Blogger aloofdork said...

Yes. Green roofs aren't recommended on slopes greater than 30 degrees because the soil tends to run off. You can go steeper if you put in place stops or grating that holds the soil. But then maintenance is difficult. It's a lot harder to fall off of a flat roof.

3:23 PM EDT  

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