Saturday, April 09, 2005


Here's a look at the interior planning so far. Basically, the building has three areas.

First, an open area that can be used for dining, circling or anything else. It would have tables, chairs, perhaps some built in benches along windows, some storage and probably a woodstove or fireplace.

Second, the kitchen area, more or less in the middle of the building, to prepare food for gatherings. The kitchen will have a six burner stove, an oven or two, a three-bay sink for dishwashing, and lots of counter and storage space.

Third, at the other end will be a bathroom, shower and mechanical room, and probably some more storage for the kitchen. The mechanical room will house a water storage and pressurization system, the solar power works and the water heating system.


Blogger gokey3 said...

Matt - the drawing looks great - items I don't see

1/ A place to hang or store coats
2/ A bench near the cubbies

12:23 AM EDT  

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