Saturday, April 09, 2005


There isn't much budget for this project. The total building budget is $40,000 for the bathhouse and the kitchen. It's apportioned $25,000 for the kitchen and $15,000 for the bathhouse. I'm hoping that we can save money by re-using the existing kitchen as the central structure for the bathhouse, perhaps bringing costs there down to about half the budgeted amount so we can use the saved money on the kitchen, bringing the budget for it up to about $$33,000.

Even so, this is an incredibly tight budget that will require using as much inexpensive material as possible. Using the wood from our land may help. Using recycled materials, things we scrounge at dumps, things that Keisha and I have stored over the years, and perhaps using straw bales for the walls may also help. Typical new construction today ranges from around $80/sf to over $200/sf. If we build a 1300 sf kitchen for $33,000 that's about $25/sf. I think this is doable. We just have to be very careful and not too picky about what we can get.


Anonymous One Feather said...

Dear Architects:

Wonderful interior design...especially the fireplace! Just one the bathroom door so there is only access from the outside of the building (no inside door so that if there are any odors we don't have to be bothered by them while cooking in the kitchen)...and I guess add a roof overhang or extension to keep the rain off when going around the corner to wash our hand.
Thanks for all your hard really shows and I'm very impressed with all the thought you've given.

Peace and Light,
One Feather

8:56 AM EDT  
Blogger aloofdork said...

One Feather,
Thanks for the comment. I think we're planning on having the bathroom accessible from the inside because the building will be used three seasons, which means theoretically April - December, and going outside in the colder months is seen as undesirable. Perhaps we could consider placing two doors to the bathroom and ask people to use the exterior door. The bathroom has to be ventilated by code which should help with smells.

5:42 PM EDT  

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