Thursday, April 07, 2005


Here's an aerial shot of Destiny that I constructed showing the bathhouse, kitchen and gathering circles amongst a nice grove of artificial looking trees. I built this model to help me look at and experience the site with different shaped buildings. I will post images of specific buildings with comments as I develop them.

I'm jumping the gun a bit with this post, but I will get to details in a bit. The bathhouse uses the existing kitchen structure built by John Tidd as the central dressing area. The kitchen in this image is a vanilla pitched roof structure, but it doesn't look too bad.

Now that I have this 3D model I try out all kinds of different models out on it, checking out the sun, time of year, views. The only problem is that the leaves don't fall off the trees in winter.


Blogger cjwadecollins said...

how can I get a similar model with camping tents for my church?

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