Saturday, April 16, 2005

Land Visit

Gabriel and I visited the land today and met up with several other faeries up for the work weekend, Peat, Bambi and Jim pictured. I was able to take some panoramic images and verify that the land more or less conforms to the computer generated model. Several of us took a walk up to the site and discussed the clearing plan, the privy location, septic system location, orientation of the bath house and the kitchen building, access to the buildings and the distances between the buildings. We happened to arrive just about noon so due south was obvious (the sun is always due south at noon) and that helped with visualizing the building orientations. The site feels a lot smaller to me than it does in the computer simulation.

This week I will be spending nearly all my time working on the design getting it to a presentable state for the annual meeting in Burlington next weekend.


Blogger gokey3 said...

It was a great weekend to see the site terrain without trees leafed out.

7:30 PM EDT  

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