Tuesday, September 26, 2006


we are nearly done cutting the posts for the kitchen building. we have started cutting the cross beams. orange cut the first saturday. timbers to complete the project will arrive later this week. we could use help unloading, guessing friday will be the day.

the plumber will place the rough plumbing thursday or friday. this will make way for layout and formwork for the foundation slab which we hope to pour just before or during the october gathering, weather permitting and concrete company willing (to deliver on saturday). if you plan to attend the october gathering and wish to participate in the pour i recommend bringing rubber farmer boots if you have some. we'll need a few folks to wade into the wet concrete to help with levelling and smoothing. it's fun.

after the foundation is poured, we'll focus on finishing up the timber frame for our "barnraising" in late october. if weather permits, we'll go ahead and get the roof on, otherwise we plan to tarp the frame, place everything we wish to keep dry inside the frame, and close up for the winter.


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