Tuesday, August 29, 2006


the road

septic line buried

site prep

septic mound

we've had a good amount of rain in the past week, enough to make working a challenge for our excavator. the road has turned to deep muck as you can see in the picture. hurricane ernesto will likely bring more rain by the end of the week. luckily, heavy trucking for the septic system is complete, leaving just the loaming, mulching and seeding of the septic system to be completed today.

our excavator will wrap up work for the time being tomorrow with the regrading of the circle, creation of garden terraces, installation of a new culvert in the bend of the road just before the meadow and ditching and resurfacing of the road just before the parking lot. we agreed to wait on the kitchen site work because it has become too muddy to work. he's installing a swale to divert water from the site into the larger swale through the meadow in the hopes that it will dry out the kitchen site enough to work it in a couple weeks when he comes back.

meanwhile, we are in search of a plumber and electrician to do stub in work under the foundation. we've received no response to our request for a plumber in our local gay paper, out in the mountains. so, i think the next step will be the phone book. it's a particularly hard time of year to find contractors because everyone is very busy trying to wrap up projects before winter.


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