Friday, August 11, 2006

tanks are in, trees are down

still muddy, delivery truck needs a pull

presby piping delivered

bathhouse septic with soil lines

kitchen septic

meadow from the circle

meadow from the road

i stopped in at the land this afternoon. the first thing i noticed was how much larger the meadow felt without the trees in middle. they've been taken down and stacked next to the pile of boulders. take a look for yourself by clicking on the two meadow pictures. two septic tanks for the bathhouse and kitchen are in the ground. the bathhouse is a 1000 gallon, the kitchen a 2000 gallon. the presby system has been delivered to the septic field. thaddeus ran off to get more gravel to fix the construction road to the septic field because it's become so slippery that trucks can't make it up the hill. he had to tow the presby delivery truck out with his dozer.

i can't tell you how satisfying it is to see action!

i'm finishing up the construction drawings this weekend. it has taken much more time than i ever anticipated to complete them.


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