Wednesday, June 14, 2006

act 250 granted

good news! we received our act 250 permit last week. this means we can move ahead to get construction permits.

the bad news, lately, is that it keeps raining. the ground is saturated and our excavator cannot start work until the ground dries out. the land drains slowly. most recent guesses are that excavation will begin in two to three weeks, if it doesn't rain much. in the mean time, we'll be plotting out how to proceed given that our foundation work is delayed. there is work that we can do before the excavator shows up, such as sawing timbers (we're doing this this coming weekend), starting construction of the bathhouse (which it seems will not have a foundation), perhaps working on the privy building by hand. i've sent out word to the communities around destiny, through a variety of networks, that we're looking for used/free building materials. i've received a number of responses offering lumber, windows and other building materials. this is promising!

pictured is the latest rendering of the entrance to the kitchen.


Blogger Adeo said...

Hey Aloof - let me tell you that I looked at this rendering of our new kitchen and it nearly took my breath away. To think that for as inexpensively as we are building that we could end up with such an elegant structure boggles my mind.

6:33 PM EDT  
Blogger gokey3 said...

Aloof, god of erection,
we love it. We had a gander at Jim and Jay's with Bambi, Peat, Glisten and Carey looking on... It is exciting and beautiful.

9:26 PM EDT  
Blogger Daisy Shaver said...

I like this design. I can vision the patio extending outward with a funky fireplace/grill scenario. Love the screened in porch!

8:34 PM EDT  

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