Tuesday, August 08, 2006

breaking ground!


today, we broke ground! the report is that the ground is still very wet, water table just 12" below the surface. our excavator is going to lay stone down the construction road to the septic field so that the 30 to 40 truckloads of sand can be brought in.

he's also going to begin working in the meadow, moving the swale a bit west, cutting a new swale above the future building site, and installing septic and water lines. we saved six trees last fall when we cleared the site in hopes that they could be worked into our designs. but, beecause of the earthwork required due to the slope and wetness of the site we're having to cut them down. we plan to use their trunks for the porch posts, so while they'll not be growing any more, they will take part in our project just a few feet from where they grew. they're pictured here and will come down tomorrow.

this week i am completing the drawing set that will go to the building department for review. once the drawings are submitted a plans reviewer at the state will look them over and if all is well issue a permit. we'll hopefully have permit in hand by september so that we can begin construction.


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