Monday, June 05, 2006


Bryant House

mockbee 2

a friend stopped by and turned me onto the architecture of samuel mockbee. the picture here is of a gorgeous porch somewhat like the one we'll have at destiny. the building is "hay bale". believe it or not, this is affordable housing in alabama. i love the immensity of this porch. it's definitely a porch! the columns enoble the space, marking it as important. the bases of the columns offer nice places to sit. there is ample room for chairs. unlike most porches, this one calls out the heavens above with the beautifully slatted steep clear roof.


Blogger Daisy Shaver said...

This IS a porch and I LOVE IT! I like a big wide ole porch to sip my iced tea!

8:35 PM EDT  
Blogger tidefaerie said...

I totally LOVE IT. Can we build one like this?????

I will be happy to help!!

10:56 AM EDT  

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