Tuesday, May 09, 2006

timber framing weekend

the gate and faeries

the timber framing workshop in white river junction produced a beautiful hemlock hand-cut gateway for the land, pictured here laying flat with most of the faeries that worked on it. over two days we covered the essentials of timber framing and everyone got to try their hand at sawing, chiseling, boring and finishing.

i'm happy with the way the workshop turned out. my goal was to demonstrate that almost anyone can do this kind of work. over the two days i felt the mood shift from nervousness to excitement and hope. i heard expressions like, "wow, this is really beautiful" and "we can really do this!" as the beams started to take shape, as we tested joints and finally assembled the whole. we all created a marvelous transformation of rough timbers into finished interlocking pieces.

there are pictures of the workshop in a couple places: jim jackson art and the faerie camp destiny web site.


Blogger Clarkie said...

I thought we're not changing our parking lot?

2:29 PM EDT  
Blogger gokey3 said...

We're not changing the parking lot.

10:20 AM EDT  

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