Tuesday, May 02, 2006

act 250 update

one of our neighbors has requested an act 250 hearing around our application. the issue is a right-of-way that they believe extends into our property. they are concerned that we are changing the right-of-way and may be building in it. however, according to their deed, which they supplied to the state, their right-of-way extends only 1975 feet up the road from route 103, ending well before the road reaches the area in which we are building. at first glance, it is not easy to tell where the right-of-way does go, so the misunderstanding is understandable. we've been debating this for a few years amongst ourselves. but, it is very clear from the deed, and from our survey drawing, that their right of way ends well before our parking lot. we are trying to get this cleared up without a hearing. communication with our neighbor has been friendly and hopefully this will conclude peacefully.


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