Thursday, March 30, 2006

act 250 filed

our act 250 application

here it is: our act 250 application just before going in the mail. i didn't expect it to take three weeks to put it together, but that's what it took. it now goes through a one-week administrative phase where the state checks it for completeness, then it has a 21-day comment period during which abutters can request a hearing if they have concerns that apply.

now, we can move forward with planning the summer, getting construction under way. if all goes smoothly, we will have a new act 250 permit in about a month, which will allow us to move ahead with our new plans. if a hearing is requested and approved, we'll have to go through that process, which will delay the permit a bit. however, our current act 250 permit is still in effect. it allows construction of most of the camp, including the privy, bathhouse, a smaller kitchen, the septic system and all the tenting sites. so, while a delay would be a drag, we'll have plenty to do until the new permit comes through.


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