Sunday, February 05, 2006

one plan, three roofs

#1 shed, 3/12 roof

#2 pitched, 12/12 roof

#3 rotated dining room, 7/12 roof

since i've been playing around with the plan, trying to make better use of space and to protect the porch from westerly winds, i decided to revisit the roof shape and see what it looked like with the new plan. previously, we'd decided on a hip roof, but i felt the hip roof didn't work so well with the jog in the roof. i also started to think that for beginning timber framers a hip roof might be more challenge than we want. three different roofs are pictured here. the shed would provide a lot more southern exposure than the pitched roof. the pitched roof gives a traditional feel to the building with a big gable end. the third image shows the dining/gathering room with its gable end facing south. this version could have a steeper roof which would allow more space for windows but the roof, in any case, would dump snow and ice onto the porch roof which might not be such a great idea.

what do you think?


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