Monday, October 03, 2005

meadow pix

here are a couple panoramic pix of the meadow and the circle. click to see larger versions. the piles in the first pan are loam, the organic material that was on top of the meadow. thaddeus saved it for screening next spring. we can use it wherever we need good topsoil. these could be the basis for our garden beds. the person in the first pan is my dad, in the second my mom.

from the parking area below the kitchen site

from above the circle

rocks removed from the meadow. be thinking of what we can do with these!

the pit for well drilling mud


Blogger Whistler71 said...

Hi! I typed in Humanure in the blog search and found you. I own the book and have been using this method for about a half a year. It seems to be working fine, I had alot of reservations but all seems OK. We are 100% off the grid with a water haul. We have solar panels and wind genes as well. My solar blog is Stop by sometime!

11:04 PM EDT  
Blogger aloofdork said...

cool! thanks for letting us know. i'm glad to hear it's working out. i hope it works out for us too.

11:45 PM EDT  

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