Monday, October 17, 2005


moss and i seeded the clearing with winter rye on sunday. the clearing was stable after more than a week of rain but there were some soft spots and i seem to have found all of them. my sneakers have a new look. after seeding moss and i had a relaxed sweat in the chip-pile sweat loge whose sweet aroma is soothing.

Here's some info on winter rye from the web: Winter rye has high cold tolerance, moderate to high shade and drought tolerance and is fast to establish. It prefers a slightly acid soil and sandy loam to loam soil type. The seeding rate is 60 to 120 pounds per acre. The roots of rye release chemicals that inhibit the germination of small seeded broadleaf weeds such as redroot pigweed, purslane and common ragweed. Rye grows very tall and plant residues have a high C:N ratio. Because of its cold tolerance, it is the best choice for late fall plantings, providing excellent winter erosion control and removing excess soil nutrients.


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