Saturday, September 24, 2005

stumping and grading

i met our excavator, thaddeus, a couple days ago on the land. we went over what's to be done:
  • preparing the road to the septic field
  • stumping the meadow (which is now about three times larger)
  • grading the meadow to remove the larger undulations
  • creating a 50 foot diameter flat circle in the meadow
  • moving the stumps down below the septic field
  • removing old debris to below the septic field
  • preparing the well site
  • moving some wood chips and installing stone in the culverts
thaddeus expects to be finished with everything by the end of next week. next the well drillers will come and drill our well. we won't be getting water out of it, however, until the septic system is installed next spring.


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