Monday, September 19, 2005

the clearing is stunning

After a visit to the land over the weekend, I have to say the clearing for the new kitchen meadow is stunning, it's four times the size of our earlier clearing and there is plenty of sunshine and sky. It's intense to see such an open expanse of space at Destiny after these years under the canopy of trees. It's a bit harsh to take in at first but the land isn't all torn up and after stumping it will look very cool. The chip pile is HUGE. We'll have chips for whatever we want. I'm thinking the best use of them is to use them along trails and spots that have shown signs of erosion, spread them for use in making raised bed gardens, then spread the rest on the newly cleared area after it's stumped. I didn't check out the septic field area but it's also rather large and it has me thinking, what about using it for solar power as well. The other major bonus to the clearing was STARS.


Blogger Adeo said...

I am breathless with what I am reading here. I'm considering a four-hour round-trip journey this weekend just to experience the changes in solitude.

10:45 AM EDT  
Blogger aloofdork said...

i've recently found out that wood chips make excellent composting toilet cover.

8:40 PM EDT  

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