Saturday, June 11, 2005

Short Mountain: Kitchen

Here are a few photos of the Short Mountain kitchen. It's a very functional place with sinks and stoves placed at the perimeter and work tables at the center. A large spice and dry storage shelving unit sits against the stairwell wall. A fridge hangs out in a corner and stores a few temperature sensitive items. For the most part the food prepared there is fresh and veggie in nature so doesn't need refrigeration. Much of the goat milk that's produced is turned into cheese right away. Outside there is a dishwashing station for gatherings that keeps dishwashing out of the way of the gathering cooks. There is no snack station and several people there mentioned it would be really nice to have one since at gatherings there's often too much commotion in the kitchen as it is without people wandering in wanting to make sandwiches all day long. Interior. Orchid and a raw meal--delicious
Outdoor dishwashing station
The rack--herbs, spices, sundry


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