Thursday, April 21, 2005


I've been telling people about a straw bale project on some beautiful land in southern Vermont. To my surprise, a lot of people want to help out, learn how to do straw bale, want to check out the land. One of the potential benefits of doing an alternatively built project is that it's interesting and draws attention. I can imagine work weekends that are more or less educational workshops on alternative building. By being somewhat radical in our construction we may help get the project built.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Aloof - this is great stuff! Excitingly impelling. Suddenly, work weekends become workshops; meetings become delights and the magic of our land is augmented by your visilizations here. Thank you so much.

5:56 PM EDT  
Blogger aloofdork said...

thanks, whoever you are! i'm hoping for a great summer and now that we've decided as a group to go for it things will get even more exciting.

9:58 PM EDT  

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