Sunday, May 29, 2005

Whitman Gathering

I just returned from the Whitman gathering feeling peaceful and optimistic about building. Peat and I spent Saturday afternoon staking out and stringing the perimeter of the kitchen. We moved it around a bit finding a spot for the building which felt right in relationship to the new yard that will be cut to the south, the road on the north and to the circle in the meadow. We arrived at a location that permits cars to pull right up to the north side of the building for loading and unloading. We thought this would be better than creating a separate and unscreened parking area to the east which would be visible from the batthouse.

This morning I layed out the interior with flagging tape and string so that several faeries who came up for a "tour" of the kitchen in the afternoon could get a feel for the layout and flow of the plan. It was really helpful for me to see it in full scale and after a consulation with Daisy, de facto kitchen queen, we realized the kitchen was probably a little too big and dining area a little too small and we adjusted them, removing the island from the kitchen, giving the dining area an extra four feet.

I am leaving tomorrow for Short Mountain, a faerie sanctuary in Tennessee, where I'm excited to see their straw bale construction and to spend a week doing yoga. Bambi is going to begin calling loggers and the well company, and when I return the Design Comet will kick into high gear scheduling contractors for the summer since we received news from the Money Planit that we have enough cash in the bank, pledged and in credit to definitely begin construction! Woo hoo!

it was gratifying and heartening to feel the buzz around the development, the excitement and joy expressed about finally feeling the project take shape, and to witness the eagerness in so many faeries to commit sweat and pennies to the project. I'm really looking forward to spending the summer at Destiny.


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