Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bathhouse Concepts

Today the students worked further on structure.  An engineer came in and analysed structural issues at joints and spans for lightweight timber.
The brief was discussed in detail. Thoughts were:
- Need to respond to the community.
- Provision for Shower, hand washing, sauna, changing area, and massage.
- Intitial concepts have been grand and ambitious and not easy to build.
- Desire to provide the beginnings of a poetic set of spaces that would be easy for the community to complete as future modules.
- Need to focus closely on one simpler scheme. 



Blogger Matt Bucy said...

i like the "mushroom" concept. not necessarily buildings that look like mushrooms, but that appear to have sprouted like them. perhaps all the structures are similar in some way so as to seem "genetically" related and form a compound. repetition is one of the strongest ways to make a statement. the hinged folding screen is beautiful and i like the idea of being held while showering. the most recent concepts seem more buildable than the first.

4:44 PM EDT  

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