Sunday, January 20, 2008


winter destiny

winter destiny

winter destiny

i took a hike up the drive in about a foot of snow two days ago to see how the camp was faring with our heavier than lately snowfall. everything's in good condition. the old kitchen, the yurt and the new kitchen, as well as the straw pile, have weathered winter so far just fine. i was most curious about the snowfall near the new kitchen. with straw bale it's critical that moisture be kept away from the walls. i was happy to see that there was bare ground around the entire building except where there is no overhang on the west side (in anticipation of the dining room). the overhangs seem to be doing their job.


Anonymous Timothy Buttercup said...

What, no updates since January w2008 and it's June? Did the building fall down or somefin'? We wanna see more pictures and updates and stuff to inspire us!


5:01 PM EDT  

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