Tuesday, July 15, 2008

back at it


howdy folks. we're back at it this summer, making good progress on the kitchen porch structure, which will be able to seat a good number of faeries in screened comfort. it's actually more of a trellis, but does have a translucent cover to keep it dry while letting light filter through. pictured is ophelia carving the bearing surface on one of the porch rafters while his kitty looks on with curiousity.

we'll be on the land every weekend through the october gathering (weekends are three-day affairs, friday through sunday, and sometimes monday, too), so come on down, or up, and give us a hand! we want to get this baby done!

if you're curious about what a work weekend entails, imagine awaking in your tent to the songs of birds and a misty new england forest. then a lazy stroll down to the "old" kitchen for coffee and, if you're lucky, some daisy muffins or a bambi omelette, and some fire-side chat. about 10am we head up to the construction site where we figure out who is doing what and where. in addition to construction, we spend a lot of time gardening and landscaping. around noon we have a coffee/tea break, and then lunch around two. after lunch we continue until the light fades, these days around seven, but as the summer strides to fall, about six. every once in a while we need all hands on deck and you will hear a shrill "yoo-hoo" thread its way through the trees announcing a "major movement" of some sort, such as the lifting of a large section of the timber frame. it's basically an eight-hour day, but we start late and work late. after dinner, we often gather to play music. some folks listen, others draw or write, while the self-proclaimed musicians jam. we've developed a small repertoire, thanks to daisy writing things down. we practice it and also explore new riffs, melodies, words, instruments, and anything else we think to throw in the mix. we've recently contemplated working it all into a musical describing how faerie camp destiny came to be! if it's raining or cold, we play in the yurt, and if not, by one of our three campfires. we knock off when we're all yawning. we welcome all talents (even the self-proclaimed untalented). we've been recording of late for our podcast, faerie home companion.


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