Tuesday, July 24, 2007

gin pole rafter lift

sunday evening


riding the gin pole

preparing to lift


lifting a rafter

last weekend we got the gin pole up and secured and lifted the remaining rafters up onto the structure. once we got the hang of it, we moved along at a good clip, lifting and positioning 14 rafters in a bit under 3 hours.

we also secured the frame to the concrete slab using the first steel in the building. the rafters are also being secured with very long lag bolts. we're not being completely purist here at faerie camp. but, i do like the fact that we're using as much natural and local material as we possibly can.

we have one last section of the frame to lift. we hope to get it up next weekend during the coming gathering. come the first week of august, we will hopefully receive our roof decking and shortly thereafter the roof insulation and metal roof itself.


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