Thursday, July 12, 2007


i've found a local source for clay, just down the road a bit and up the connecticut river. it took the better part of an afternoon to find it. the search reminded me a bit of a job i had 20 years ago writing software that needed a computer mouse. back then, mice were little animals and calling companies asking if they made mice was led to some humorous interactions. it was much the same this afternoon cold calling people asking if they knew where i could find a bunch of clay. i resorted to trying people on roads named "clay pit road" and also calling town clerks to see if they knew of any clay pits.

i finally called an excavator whom we've used in the past and they directed me to a company in charlestown, new hampshire, about 18 miles from camp (local). i asked if their clay was local and he told me they dig it up out of the "back yard." had we not been able to find clay, lime would have been our option, and we will likely still final coat with lime because it has superior weather resistance properties in our climate, but the undercoats can be clay which is fun and safe to apply by hand.


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