Tuesday, June 12, 2007

lots done, lots more to do

stuart bores

we completed the tie braces last weekend, bringing to completion all the carving for the bottom of the frame (columns, braces and tie beams). we're now moving on to the top plates, of which there are seven. here stuart bores a mortise that will receive one of the end posts on the west side of the frame.

with the frame raising nearing, we need to start peg production. to facilitate that i'm making a peg jig up here in white river junction this week. it allows you to hold down a stick of wood using your foot and shape it into an octagonal peg with a draw knife.

once the top plates are complete we'll move on to cutting rafters, of which there are 24, if i recall correctly. these are pretty simple: just a couple notches so the rafters seat on the top plates and some end dressing. i'm afraid we're going to cheat with these: the rafters will be fastened to the top plates with lag bolts. the potential wind uplift made this necessary. you won't see it. don't tell anyone. shhh!


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