Monday, October 09, 2006

foundation week: friday

cutting rebar
jeff cuts rebar

plastic, mesh, rebar
peat and pauli lay rebar, mesh on bricks

destiny glow
stuart inscribes the meadow with light!

last day before the pour. this was supposed to have been a relaxed day, but because of losing a day to moving the footings it turned out pretty hectic. i was more stressed this day than any other so far. we had a lot to accomplish and by mid-day i realized it might not happen. but, like a miracle, people began showing up to help out and by the end of the day we had the foundation covered with a vapor barrier, the rebar in the perimeter beam and in the post footings in place, the wire mesh for the slab sitting on bricks to keep it raised two inches off the vapor barrier, the formwork for the shower and even a bit of radiant heat tubing that i had laying around sewn to the mesh under the bathroom and shower floors.

by 8pm, most of the crew had arrived at the camp and we held an informal meeting in our yurt. i described the tasks and the sequencing of the pour and stressed how much work it could be.

since many people arrived for dinner and hadn't seen the foundation site we paraded up the road under full moon light for a tour. standing in the newly re-re-graded gathering circle (the original meadow), looking down upon the new kitchen site, we discovered stuart's talent for writing backwards. my camera takes long exposure and there was enough light to capture both his flashlight writing and the scene!


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