Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the next two weeks

timber frame trio
one feather, rip and wave timber frame

view from kitchen site

work continues at the camp now that the big fall event, pouring the slab, has occurred. we've got a couple more weeks during which we'll be working on the timber frame and securing the construction site for winter. i'd like to see us finish cutting and planing the posts and cross beams before tucking the timbers in for winter. wednesday through sunday for the next two weeks we'll be there, so join us if you're inclined. we'd hoped to get the frame raised this fall, but it actually comes as a relief, to me anyway, that we'll be taking a break until spring. the last month has been wonderful and invigorating but also exhausting. the timbers should keep just fine over the winter. we've got them stickered so they whatever drying does occur will happen evenly.


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