Wednesday, September 14, 2005

testing unit

Image444.jpegin the spirit of verification and testing, i've built a composting toilet for my own home. i'm going to see just how much work it is and how smelly one of these things gets inside with no ventilation. i'm taking out my flush toilet and putting this sleek, wavy unit in its place.

underneath the toilet seat is a 5-gallon bucket that receives offerings. a bin of sawdust next to it supplies cover material. when the bucket gets full i will put a lid on it and transport it out to my garden compost pile, dig a small pit in the pile for the contents, dump them and cover with coarse material like hay, leaves or straw.

even the roommates have agreed to give it a whirl. according to the humanure handbook we'll have between one and two buckets of material a week.


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