Tuesday, September 06, 2005

clearing progress

i visited the land today to see how the loggers were doing. clearing is going smoothly. the space is beginning to take shape. lots more light is pouring in. the odd thing to me was how much smaller the cut made the space feel and how much taller the trees seem when standing by themselves. i'll be heading back on thursday, most likely, to check in again.

the chip pile is huge and growing. it has a beautiful shape to it. start thinking of things to do with chips!

most of the septic site is cleared, with the exception of a small corner. it too seems much smaller than i thought it would.
the kitchen site
trimming branches
the chip pile
russell, the logger
unloading logs at the parking lot
pan of the kitchen/bathhouse site


Blogger gokey3 said...

It seems like they are making excellence progress on the site.

Will be getting a copy of the mill ticket to see the value of the trees?


10:37 AM EDT  
Blogger aloofdork said...


we agreed on a fixed price per acre to clear and chip, therefore we won't be seeing the mill ticket. we could have opted to pay them time and materials less the mill ticket but with our very tight budget it seemed prudent to establish cost in advance.


11:48 AM EDT  
Blogger gokey3 said...

Cool - anything to keep the costs down. /b

4:58 PM EDT  

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