Tuesday, August 23, 2005

this and that

the loggers are still go for september 5th. our excavator is go for september 19th. as you may have discovered reading all these updates, "go" means "a good probability" that they will start their work. in the grosser aspects of construction, especially those influenced by weather, this kind of fuzziness is to be expected. i've spoken with our engineers more about alternative wastewater systems. i'm also talking with the state to see if we can reduce our system size. all of this work is just to try and save some money. our engineers are going to take a look at our system next monday and give us a reading about whether any of these alternative systems could save us money when a redesign, new permit and different materials are taken into account. it may not be an easy call, and if no clear picture emerges we will simply proceed as planned and build the mound.


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