Thursday, August 25, 2005

the long view

so now that our fall work is just about to begin, i'm starting to look at the winter and think about what needs to be done. the primary task is finishing the designs for the kitchen, bathhouse and now some cabins, plus a revised site plan that we can submit to the state for approval. so, bambi and i and anyone else interested will be spending quite a bit of time detailing our schematic plans. i'd like to have some more design brainstorming sessions. the more than annual meeting might be a good time to approve the designs after which we could submit them to state giving ample time before spring for any snags to be worked out. it doesn't give us a lot of time to get the designs finished, but i would like to see them settled so that we can begin the process of planning construction, which can take just as long or longer, as we've seen this year. we need to line up contractors over the winter, if we're going to use any--we will need at least thad, our excavator, for preparation of building sites. i'm excited to be finally moving forward in a big way. getting most of the heavy work done this fall (clearing, well, septic, and fundraising!) places us more than halfway to a permanent, dry, well watered and drained compound!


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