Thursday, July 14, 2005


Things seem to be settled for the time being schedule-wise. The loggers are now scheduled to start August 8th, the day after Lammas finishes and will be on the land about two weeks. Our excavator will then start work shortly thereafter about September 1st. He will be on the land three to four weeks. In September we also will have the well drilled.

We will need help in September during the week and on weekends installing the water system. Since we're still not sure exactly how this all is going to play out, I can't say exactly when in September we'll be needing help, but we'll post here and on the listservs when the time comes.

We're also making headway with our permits and amendments. I was down in Springfield, Vermont, where the Act 250 regional office is, and stopped in to see Linda Matteson who oversees our project. She thinks we may have to make a "minor" re-application to bring the project current with Act 250. This means resubmitting our original application with the changes we want. Since our permit was reviewed and passed muster before she doesn't think there will be issues, but moving buildings around is apparently more than an administrative change. So, I will be doing this work as soon as possible to get our stuff into the process. This permit activity has no bearing on our work this summer. We can do everything the current permit allows.

I've sent our water system amendment to our engineers in Bellows Falls and they'll be sending them on to the state for approval. We should hear back from them in a few weeks.


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