Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Governance Gathering

i returned from the governance gathering refreshed and feeling good about our progress on the land, most of which has happened off the land lately, getting estimates, looking at schedules and in the money planit where funds are being raised. endora and i gave reports at an evening circle saturday night, endora reporting on fundraising and i on the construction. in parallel bambi was holding a circle in new york at dick and daisy's loft.

on the construction front, by fall we should have the building and septic sites cleared and chipped, the saw logs taken off to mills and any logs we wish to keep stacked for the winter. we should also have our mound, water system and sitework completed and the privy tank installed. these things will cost us about about half our budget, the money for which has been raised or set up as credit.

at this point, it seems prudent to delay construction of the buildings until next spring which will give us a full building season rather than a couple months. the plan is still to build with an all volunteer crew so time is important.

i'm applying tomorrow for an extension to the act 250 permit which has a construction finish deadline of october this year. primarily, the act 250 people are looking for decent progress on the project. by october we will have accomplished about half of what is described in our permit, and i think that will satisfy them when we ask for another few years to complete.


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